3 Ways to Promote
New Services

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3 Ways To Promote Your New Medical or Dental Services Online


As your practice expands your service offerings you must inform your existing patients and your community. This will require you to do more than just send out an email or let patients know when they come in for their next appointment. Here are 3 ways to promote your new medical or dental services online.

Content Marketing (Blogs)

Articles and blogs are another way to announce your new medical or dental services. Blogs posted to your website catch the attention of your current patients and drive targeted new traffic. Posting blogs regularly is a strategic approach to further expanding your digital reach and promoting your new services.

Social Media

Social media

Creating a post about your new service is great but creating an ad that targets the demographic of your new services is even better. Facebook is the top social media channel for dentists and doctors, but Instagram and Twitter are also highly effective.

Update Your Website

This one might sound obvious but it’s easy to forget that your website text needs to be updated to ensure it accurately reflects your current products and services. Update your Home page to announce your new services, your service section, or have a whole new service page designed.

Do what you do best and leave online promotion in the hands of the digital marketing experts at 415 Creative!

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