4 Important Reasons to Secure Your Medical Website with SSL

415 Creative Blog Team

415 Creative Blog Team

4 Important Reasons to Secure Your Medical Website

secure your medical website

When it comes to your medical website, security matters. Having a secure medical website has many benefits and not having a secure medical website can cost you. Secure your medical website with an SSL Certificate. 

What is an SSL Certificate? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a global standard security technology that enables encrypted communication between a web browser and a web server. It is a critical part for millions of business to decrease the risk of sensitive information from being hacked or stolen.

Here are 4 reasons to secure your medical website. 

Build New Patient Trust

Patients that visit your website for the first time will be warned by Google that your website is NOT SECURE. As patients become more tech savvy, they will see that your medical website is not secure and may not proceed to request an appointment. Building trust with your website visitors (patients) is the true start of your new patient relationships. 

Improve HIPAA Compliance of Your Practice Website

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As most modern websites typically offer some form of online scheduling for patients, it is important to remain HIPAA compliant. Most Contact Forms on websites will have a comments section where patients can type comments for the doctor regarding their visit. HIPAA considers this information as Protected Health Information (PHI) and requires the holder of the information (the medical practice) to uphold the highest of privacy and security standards. An SSl Certificate will help your practice stay HIPAA compliant. 

Increase Google Rankings

Google rewards websites that are secure with an SSL Certificate. Google takes privacy and user data protection very seriously and in turn they will give your site a boost in local rankings if your medical website is secure. In turn, if your medical website is not secure, you could see a fall in your local rankings. 

Convert more visitors to patients

Again, as patients continue to become more tech-savvy they are becoming more aware of secure vs non-secure websites. Patient conversion is critical for a successful medical website and if your website is still not secure, chances are the patient visiting your site will leave once they are aware they are visiting a non-secure website. Once a patient see’s the green pad-lock (secure website via SSL) next your your domain, they instantly feel better about browsing your website and your conversion rate should increase. 

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