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The Benefits Of Online Scheduling For Your Medical Practice


As a doctor or dentist, you will always have patients who call or email to learn more about your practice, but when it comes to booking their appointment online scheduling should be an option.

Time Saving Benefits For Your Staff

There’s no need to worry about losing your personal touch as patients who want to call in to schedule still can. However, those who want to schedule their appointment online, or cancel or reschedule their appointment, can do so without worrying about office hours. It’s not just the appointment that can be scheduled electronically, but also the appointment reminder—which can be sent via the patient’s preference of text or email. This drastically reduces your incoming calls and decreases hold times.

It’s What Your Patients Want


Currently, over 40 percent of patients want to book their appointments electronically—but less than 20 percent of dentists and physicians offer online scheduling. Since over 70 percent of new patients will research their next doctor online, this is one small factor that may give you the advantage over a close contender. Online scheduling empowers your patients to schedule their appointment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—automatically adding their appointment to their digital calendar.  

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