The Importance of Online Reputation for your Practice

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Importance Of Online Reputation For Medical And Dental Practices


Online reputation for doctors, dentists and medical practices is more important now than ever. Every single patient who walks through your doors can share their experience with others through a variety of online review channels. Even a few mediocre ratings can have a costly downside, so a proactive approach is essential.

New Patients Check Your Reviews First

Even with a referral from a friend or family member, over 70 percent of potential new patients will head online to see what other patients have to say about you and your practice. If they don’t like what they read or if they find a competitor with better reviews and a higher star rating, their referral’s input may be outweighed.

Ethically Improving Your Star Rating

415 Creative specializes in helping doctors ethically improve their online star rating on sites that matter. We know how to inspire your current patients to head online and share their positive experience, and how to respond when you have a negative rating. We can help boost your reviews across all relevant local and nationwide review platforms.

Online review

While you cannot control what your patients have to say, you are not powerless in shaping your online brand and reputation. We help both new and established medical practices look great online. 

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